So you’re interested in volunteering for the LGBT & Ally Education Program? You’re in the right place!

Each semester we have many students, staff and faculty who help to make our program a possibility and we would love to have you join the team! We are open to taking on volunteers at various points in the year and can always use an extra pair of hands or some new creative ideas.

We have different levels of committment for our volunteers, so you can pick one that’s right for you. You can switch at any time too! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at:


Commit to scheduled hours, and log hours in volunteer binderSign the attached confidentiality statement and respect itAssist visitors with any needs and have them sign the log book (They can sign anonymously if they so choose)Clean up after yourself if you bring in food, etc.Open the space if you are the first to arrive, and close the space if you are the last to leaveWork on at least one long-term project per semester Attend Annual Volunteer Retreat ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES

If you miss one of your responsibilities for the semester, you may complete one of these items in its place:Write a 1-page reflection of your volunteer experienceWrite a 1-page reflection of LGBTA current eventsMake a banner for an eventWrite a review of a book from our library

Volunteer Today!

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